4-slot SoftLogic Controller with Ethernet

  • •10/100Base-T Ethernet interface
  • •Built-in Modbus/TCP server
  • •Supports Modbus/TCP client
  • •Supports Modbus/RTU Master
  • •Supports Modbus/RTU Slave
  • •Supports Multiprog via Ethernet
  • •IEC-61131-3 standard package
  • •Supports LD/FB/SFC/IL/ST Languages
  • •Cross-Language compiling program
  • •8 I/O slots base and handles up to 128 Local I/O Points
  • •Supports AI/AO/DI/DO/Counter Function Blocks

The ADAM-5510EKW/TP is an Ethernet-enabled SoftLogic Controller. In addition to the features of ADAM-5510KW and ADAM-5510EKW, the ADAM-5510EKW/TP has Ethernet features including Modbus/TCP Server, Modbus/TCP Client and Multiprog via Ethernet functions. Therefore, users can easily and quickly complete their programming based on Ethernet architecture.
Standard Modbus Interface
For advanced system integration, the ADAM-5510EKW/TP supports not only Modbus/RTU Master and Slave functions via serial ports, but also the Modbus/TCP Client to retrieve data from remote I/O, and Modbus/TCP Server to send data back to the HMI/SCADA Software via Ethernet port. Furthermore, the ADAM-5510EKW/TP allows users to remotely maintain multiple ADAM-5510EKW/TP controllers by running Multiprog programming software via Ethernet.