iVS3 Series

  • Total Power: Up to 4920 W
  • Input Voltage: 85 - 264 VAC \380, 480 VAC \ 120 - 300 Vdc \ 1-Phase \ 3-Phase
  • # of Outputs: Up to 24

The iVS3 series is an AC input to DC output intelligent configurable power system consisting of a micro-controlled PFC front end providing 9 individual slots that accept intelligent DC-DC output modules ranging from 2V to 60V. Single output modules come in 4 power ranges that can be mixed and matched, connected in Parallel or Series to obtain thousands of output combinations customized to any application. Additional flexibility is provided with dual and triple modules allowing up to 42 isolated outputs. To add additional customization, a user GUI can be downloaded which will provide complete control and monitoring of all key parametrics. Using standard PMBus commands over a serial bus, users can dynamically control the iVS3 series so when integrated within the end system will providing the ultimate in flexibility

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