AVO75 Series

  • Total Power: 75 Watts
  • Input Voltage: 36 - 75 V
  • # of Outputs: Single

The AVO75 series DC/DC converter is a new open frame DC/DC converter for optimum efficiency and power density. The series provides up to 25A output current in an industry standard eighth brick, which makes it an ideal choice for small space, high current and low voltage applications. The AVO75 series uses an industry standard eighth brick: 57.9mm × 22.9mm × 8.9mm(2.28” × 0.9” ×0.35”) and standard pin-out configuration, provides CNT and trim functions. AVO75 series can provide 1.2V ~ 12V single output, and outputs are isolated from inputs. The series can achieve ultra high efficiency, and for most applications, a heat sink is not required.

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