AGQ100 Series

  • Total Power: 100 Watts
  • Input Voltage: 36 - 75 V
  • # of Outputs: Single

The AGQ100&AVQ100B series is a new open frame/baseplate DC-DC converter for optimum efficiency and power density. The AGQ100&AVQ100B provide up to 20~30A output current in an Industry standard quarter brick, which makes it an ideal choice for small space, high current and low voltage applications. The AGQ100&AVQ100B series uses an industry standard quarter brick (open frame/baseplate)and standard pinouts configuration. It includes extensive control and protection features for maximum flexibility and provides a versatile solution for a whole range of applications with its input voltage range of 36-75 VDC and it can provide 1.2V~5V single output that are isolated from inputs. The converter can achieve ultra high efficiencies and excellent thermal performance, for most applications a heat sink is not required. The product features fast dynamic response characteristics and low output ripple. This high quality and highly reliable product is competitively priced and an ideal solution for distributed power, telecoms and datacom applications.

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