SIL10E Series

  • Total Power: 49.9 Watts
  • Input Voltage: 3.0-5.5 Vdc
  • # of Outputs: Single

The SIL10E series are non-isolated dc-dc converters packaged in a single-in-line footprint giving designers a cost effective solution for conversion from either a 5 V or a 3.3 V source. The SIL10E offers a range of fixed outputs and one wide trim output unit at an industry leading 10 A which allows maximum design flexibility and a pathway for future upgrades. The SIL10E is designed for applications that include distributed power, workstations, optical network and wireless applications. Implemented using state of the art surface mount technology and automated manufacturing techniques, the SIL10E offers compact size and efficiencies of up to 96%.

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